Welcome to the Pass2Pub

Race Day 4 March 2018

Join us for the Pass2Pub - the biggest little mountain bike race in the world!

The Pass2Pub is one of NZ's premier mountain biking events.  It's been running for over twenty five years, attracts up to 1,000 riders and is one of those legendary races that everyone has a story about.

Clear your calendar for 4 March 2018 and enter the PlaceMakers Pass2Pub.(It's always the first Sunday in March).

NEW for 2018 - some course changes to make your Pass2Pub ride more interesting and challenging.  More details coming.

The race is also a great fundraiser for the very small Albury School - that's  Albury in South Canterbury, NZ (not the other one in Australia).

Back Again in 2018


Second time round for the MINI PASS2PUB. This is a 16km event that starts at the Waiwera Cattle Yards (roughly the halfway mark) and follows the course to the finish at the Albury Tavern.  It is the same course as the Classic 36km event so there is a still a mixture of shingle and sealed public roads, farm tracks, river crossings, ups and downs and thrilling mountain bike adventure.  The MINI will be run as a recreational event.  Ideal for families, younger riders or novices that haven’t got the experience or fitness to ride the Classic Pass2Pub.  All MINI riders along with all Classic riders are eligible for the $10,000 of booty and spot prizes we'll be giving away.

Love biking ...

The Pass2Pub appeals to all ages and all abilities, from the guns to the newbies.  If you are a first time competitor, a weekend warrior, or aspiring world champion then the PlaceMakers Pass2Pub should not be missed.  Like hundreds of others, you will want to come back and ride it year after year.

Whatever level of rider you are, the Pass2Pub is a great challenge.

The perfect ride for those new to the sport - it's strenuous, it will make you work hard, but you will be rewarded  - a spectacular ride in the South Canterbury back country, a wonderful, carnival atmosphere and the absolute thrill of competing and cycling down the finishing chute to the rousing celebrations of family and friends.  A magical experience!

If you have the pedal power, you can go flat out – beat your mates or beat your time from last year and clock up another personal best. At top speed, the course will be challenging and a good test for your technical skills.

Here’s what you get with the Pass2Pub:

  • A great ride over a challenging course. 
  • A great atmosphere with plenty of spectator support
  • Heaps of spot prizes
  • The chance to hang out at the finish with a great after-race party.
  • Proven race management systems
  • A second to none safety record
  • Thousands of happy riders who keep coming back for more.

Your 36km ride starts in Rollesby Valley Road, Burkes Pass in the Mackenzie Country and travels across 12 farms, through valleys, across streams, along farm tracks and shingle roads to the finish at the Albury Tavern, on State Highway 8.

Everyone who enters has a chance to win great spot prizes. We also have special prizes for the oldest and youngest rider to complete the course. There are special race categories for Retro bikes (no shocks, no front or rear suspension and no clip in pedals), for Single Speed bikes (no gears) and for tandems.

The Pass2Pub after-race party is famous - you can kick back and enjoy great southern sunshine and Mackenzie Country hospitality - live music, the Albury School gourmet BBQ and of course plenty of refreshments available from our sponsors, DB and the Albury Tavern.

Don't wait any longer - enter the Pass2Pub today, and join the 700 other riders for this fantastic event.

Entries will be accepted on the day but you will have to pay an additional late fee.