Safety Information

For your safety

The Pass2Pub is a challenging course and with a number of risks ranging from exhaustion to accident. We have in place a plan to reduce risks through signage, marshals and backup safety crew.  Before starting all participants must read all information in the entry form and event website. You must be present and pay attention to the pre-race briefing.

The course is marked with arrows and spray paint for direction and tape to block wrong directions.

Downhill or technically challenging areas will be marked with downward arrows and in some places 'caution' signs.

Walking is optional and may be neccessary, however the whole of the course is rideable.

On course there are marshals approximately every 2-3 km.

If you suffer minor injuries that you cannot treat yourself, make your way to the next marshal point for treatment.

You must assist anyone who has suffered serious injury. Competitors forced to stop and administer aid will have their finish time adjusted applicably.   Do not move anyone with suspected neck or back injuries.

In the event of a rider being unable to move, one competitor must stay with the injured rider while another competitor moves with the race to the next emergency aid station.

Entrants withdrawing - either before or during the race - must notify a race official or marshal.

Competitors must carry sufficient fluid and food for a 1.5 to 4 hour ride.

All entrants are advised to carry a polypropylene top and windbreaker.

All competitors are advised to carry two spare tubes, a full puncture repair kit, bicycle multi-tool & spare chain lube.

All riders must ensure their bikes & standards approved helmet are in safe and serviceable condition.

Bring your phone and camera, but please don't wear your iPod during the race.

Several sections of the race are on public tracks and roads, some are shingle roads and some are sealed roads.  All tracks and roads are open to traffic and normal road rules apply.  Competitors must obey road rules and keep left and give way to any traffic.