Race Timetable

Your Pass2Pub Planning Guide 

Pre-event Timetable
1 Enter Enter PlaceMakers Pass2Pub
2 Get into race condition Start training for the ride (click here for a novice training guide)
Find some mates to train with join a club
3 Get your bike up to spec Make sure your bike is in tip-top condition.  We recommend you take it to
The Cyclery, 106 Stafford St, Timaru for a check-over.
4 Prepare for race day Make sure you have all the gear, food, drinks and spare for race day
See the check list "What to bring"
5 Pick up your race pack

At the start on race day Sunday 1 March


SUN 14 March Classic Race starts at Albury
8:00AM - 9.30AM Pre-Race Registration/Check-in Last time to register is 10am. Get there early!
8:00AM - 9.30AM Bring some cash to enjoy a pre-race caffeine hit with freshly brewed barista coffee and hot chocolate on site.
9:45AM Compulsory Race Briefing all riders to attend at Albury Tavern
From 12:00PM The Finish Line After Race Party at the Albury Tavern
Approx 1:30PM Prize Giving - category awards and heaps of spot prizes


SUN 14 March Mini Race starts at Albury
8:00AM - 10:30AM Pre-Race Registration/Check-in Last time to register is 10.30am. Get there early!
10:45AM Compulsory Race Briefing all riders to attend
From 12:00PM The Finish Line After Race Party at the Albury Tavern
Approx 1:30PM Prize Giving - category awards and heaps of spot prizes

Race Categories

Registration Categories for 36km Classic – (based on your age on race day)

Pass2Pub is not recommended for children under 8.  Competitors under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult rider.

Junior (under 15)

Youth (15-18 years)

Open (19-34 years)

Vet 1 (35-44 years)

Vet 2 (45-54 years)

Vet 3 (55-64 years)

Vet 4 (65+ years)

Retro, Single Speed and Tandem are for the 36km Classic Event only

Retro - For bikes with no front or rear suspension, no clip-in pedals, no disc brakes, no carbon

Single Speed - Single speed bike (no gears/fixie)

Tandem (2 person team on 1 bike – each person must register and pay the appropriate registration fee)

Registration Categories for 16km Mini – (based on your age on race day)

Pass2Pub is not recommended for children under 8.  Competitors under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult rider.

The P2P Mini is a recreational race.  Two categories of rider - Junior (under 19) and Senior (19+)

E-Bikes are permitted

You can enter the Pass2Pub and ride an e-Bike.  (Electric bike).  However e-Bikes are NOT eligible for any of the category/merit prizes. They can win spot prize draws.

Pre Race Check In

All riders must check-in before the race and collect race packs.  Race packs contain your transponder/timing chip, race plate (race number along with cable ties to secure it to your bike) and some sponsors goodies and if you are lucky, a spot prize voucher.  At check-in we confirm your details and you can find out who else is racing in your category.

On the day entries accepted - additional late fee applies.

Transponder (timing chips) and Race Plates (your race number)

All riders are issued with an electronic transponder timing chip and a race plate.

The transponder is cable tied to your front fork.  We will post some images of how this is done before the race and we will have people to assist at the start to make sure you have got it set up right. 

Your race plate is your race number and should be attached securely to the front of your bike (it needs to be able to be seen at all times, so make sure it stays on and is visible).

Your transponder and your race plate help us keep track of you during the race and is also used to record your time as you cross the finish line.  At the start of your race you will rider over a wire stretched across the trail.  This will tell us that you have started the race.  There is another wire at the halfway point of the Classic (the start of the Mini).  And another one at the finish line.

At the finish line we’ll have clippers available to take your transponder and race plate off the bike. You can then exchange it for a complimentary cool and refreshing drink from our sponsors.

Course Changes and Race Cancellation

The Pass2Pub race is staged in an exposed, high country area and in the case of flooding, snow, high winds, or weather conditions or any natural disaster that might affect rider safety, the Pass2Pub course may be changed or the race may be cancelled. This is unlikely, but if so the following measures will be put in place:

Course Changes:  If after an inspection of the course on Saturday or Sunday, the organisers deem it unsafe, the course may be changed.  In this case the start and finishing location will not change (although the start may be delayed).  During the compulsory pre-race briefing riders will be advised of the course changes.

Cancellation:  If the course (or alternatives) are deemed unsafe the event may be cancelled. In this case the decision would be made by 9:00am and posted on www.pass2pub.com, the Pass2Pub Facebook page and the PortFM cancellation service.

Refunds Policy:  In the unlikely event of change of course or cancellation, entry fees are non-refundable.

What to Bring

Firstly remember you ride at your own risk.  The course is well marked and well marshalled (on average one marshal every 2 kms) but we want you to be as self sufficient as possible. That said you don’t want to be too burdened down with lots of unnecessary extra kit.  Our tip - don’t take a huge backpack of gear – this is a 36km (or 16km) MTB race – not an Everest trek!!!  A small, well fitting back pack or hydration pack should be all you need or stuff it all in the pockets of your riding shirt.

At the start

Fresh water, toilets, course maps and freshly brewed coffee and snacks.

Bring with you

  • Your bike in good working order plus spares to keep you going for the whole of the race
  • Cycle clothing for any weather – it can change quickly so make sure you bring something for both hot and cold weather (you don’t have to bring just lycra - you can also bring fancy dress!)
  • Plenty of hydration and food to keep you going for the race
  • Family and friends to hang out with and support you
  • $$$ to purchase fresh coffee at the start
  • $$$ to purchase food and drinks including the delicious Albury Home and School BBQ, fresh coffee and refreshments available from the Albury Tavern

Our tips on personal gear that each rider should take on the ride:

Clothing The race does travel through a hill country environment and the weather can be changeable so dress for the weather.  You can feel quite cold just before the race starts but once you get moving you will warm up quite quickly – so don’t overdress for the start. Wear a thermal under your riding shirt.  Obviously a good pair of riding shorts with a chamois or gel liner is a must.  A light shower jacket or vest is really useful and it is something to put on at the finish.

Remember to bring all the gear you will be riding in – cycling shoes (you will get wet feet), socks, shorts, riding top, gloves, helmet and glasses.  Don’t forget your helmet or shoes!!!

Food/Drink  Have a good breakfast before you arrive at the start.  When you check in you will get a couple of Dole bananas, but a gel/energy bar or two is great to carry with you.  I recommend Enervit.

You need about 1 litre of water for each hour of riding – more if it is a hot day.  I usually take a litre or more of water in my hydration pack and a bottle mixture of fluid replacement – I use Leppin Enduro Booster – I mix up half a bottle and freeze it overnight, then fill it up the next morning and take it to the race. And when you finish there will be refreshments available.

Equipment  Tools and spares – at least one spare tube (possibly two), tyre changing levers, a reliable pump, a set of mini-tools, chain lube, a chain breaker (learn how to use it).
First aid – sunblock, a few plasters, some headache pills, painkillers, antihistamine, cramp stop, any essential medication e.g. inhaler etc.

I also take a small amount of duct tape and a couple of cable ties – very handy for makeshift repairs to bike or body.

Remember a camera or phone to record the scenery or your achievements on STRAVA.



Please park in designated areas these will be sign posted.

The Finish Line

The finish line (and the start) is in the paddock behind the Albury Tavern.  There is always a great atmosphere at the finish line with lots of supporters and spectators gathered to cheer riders through as they complete the race.  There is great music, food and drink for sale and entertainment for younger children.

All riders receive a complimentary drink after they finish the race.

Some of our sponsors will have displays.

Shade/shelter marquees are erected to keep away the elements.

The prizegiving gets underway about 1.30pm.

Prizes and Prizegiving

Prizes and Prizegiving - plenty of booty to be won!

The first male and first female finishers win the coveted Pass2Pub Farm Gate Trophies plus new trophies for the first finishers in the Mini Race.

The first three finishers in each age group category will be acknowledged..

The Retro, Single Speed and Tandem categories will be acknowledged.

Novelty prizes will be awarded for Best Crash/Worst Luck - nominations to the Race Commentator prior to 1:30pm.

We have hundreds of spot prizes. Well over half of the spot prizes are pre-drawn from all the entries received as at closing date (if you do a late entry you only go in the draw for the prizes drawn on the day).  Winners of pre-drawn spot prizes will have a voucher attached to their race plates.  Vouchers should be taken to the Spot Prize Marquee at the finish line where you can collect your prize.

All major spot prizes are awarded during the prizegiving.  Race plates are randomly selected and the winners are invited up to collect their prize.  If the winners are not present then the prize is redrawn.